22/05/2024 5:20 AM


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Unisex Perfumes: 12 Of Our Favorite Gender-Neutral Fragrances

If your partner uses the best shaving razors or weirdly good-tasting toothpaste, you may already sneak some of their grooming products. So if you’re looking for more products to share (or to steal when no one is looking), these unisex fragrances are a great start.

Unlike sickly sweet scents in heart-shaped bottles that are marketed for women or “manly” fragrances with names like “dirt explosion” or “sheet metal” these 12 scents are stylish and gender-free, ready for all bodies and to be displayed in all bathrooms.

With sleek packing and inviting smells, these unisex fragrances are universally loved. Because they’re so versatile, they’re perfect for traveling, giving as gifts and sharing with friends and lovers across the gender spectrum. And because their scents are so unique, they’ll have everyone asking you what you are wearing.

For each scent given, we’ve shared a bit about the brand, as well as scent notes for the fragrance and the sizes the bottles come in. From classics like CK One by Calvin Klein to new launches like Ranger Station’s Santalum, here are the best unisex fragrances you can find on the web.

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