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The Secrets of Choosing Flattering Plus Size Bathing Suits

The Secrets of Choosing Flattering Plus Size Bathing Suits

Do you plan to buy a beautiful plus size bathing suit that you fall in love with but wonder if it is a right choice?

Have you ever purchased a swimsuit online but later found out you had chosen the wrong size and it did not fit you?

Long time ago, when girls and boys ran around and played at the beach, plus size women sat and watched the fun these youngsters had. Now more and more designers enter to the market specially making plus size swimsuits for our women to participate and have fun. Self conscious women who used to hide themselves behind long skirts at the beach can now tease and appease in their flattering full figure swimsuits.

While selecting your swim suit, ask yourself some questions:

1- Do you know your body measurements (torso length/ bust/ waist/ hips)? Bathing suit manufacturers/designers have their own size charts and they can be different. For instance, size 12 measurements of designer A are equivalent to designer B’s size 14.

2- Do you look at the swimsuit sizing chart and compare it to your own measurement? Do not just rely on sizing itself because if your clothes size is 14, it will not be the same as size 14 in swimwear. And size 12 in the USA is equal to size 14 in the UK /or in Australia.

The above factors are quite important and you should know them before buying a swimsuit on the internet because they will save you from a hassle of returning or exchanging.

3- Do you know your shape: triangle (narrow shoulders/ large hips); diverted triangle (opposite to triangle); rectangular (broad shoulders/ no waist and large hips); hour glass (broad shoulders/ large bust/ small waist / large hips)?

4- What swimsuit styles/designs would suit your shape? There are one piece plus size bathing suits, two piece tankinis, skirtinis and swimdresses on the market for full figured women. Usually, you will get some advice (from a good swimwear website) about which style would flatter your body as long as you know which shape you belong to.

5- Think about what styles of swimsuit tops that suit your bust? There are plus size swimsuits with under wire bras which can form up your bust or soft padded bras that can support the cups. These give an advantage to you with your gentle curves heightened and the attention is diverted from a single part of the body. Your overall look will side track the attention of the onlookers

6- What is your personal attitude and level of comfort? Your attitude and feeling of comfort is quite important to your appearance and clothing sense. If you are one of bold & beautiful type and want to show off your curves, choose plus size bathing suits with deep neck and deep back cut. A boy leg cut swimsuit or a swimdress would be a choice for a shy and modest woman.

Finally, when you shop for a plus size bathing suit, think in terms of other accessories will go with it and be practical. Maybe a kaftan or a beach hat to wear together with the swimsuit will give it a perfect look.