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Crackle Fashion

The Best Street Style From Fall 2022 Shanghai Fashion Week

Jumbo Tsui, Photographer/ Founder of Pour Lui

Can you explain your everyday type? Speaking about type, the most conspicuous detail may be my triangular silhouette, I generally have on limited tops and excessively dishevelled trousers. I like to use some little random accessory to complete a fundamental fashion logic. I don’t want to appear like a fashionista my sizing makes it unattainable for me to blend into the group, and dressing up even a little bit sophisticated would straight away transform me into a strolling signage board.

Which Chinese designer brand are you closely pursuing, or who is your favored designer? Ximon Lee for menswear, Maya Li is just one of my favored climbing stars in women’s use. Could it be that equally come from the family Li?

Photo: Courtesy of Vogue China

Liang, Visual Artist & Style Photographer

Can you explain your day-to-day model? My every day style can be called urban stylish/everyday.

Which Chinese designer manufacturer are you closely next, or who is your favourite designer Xander Zhou is my all-time beloved, each and every season’s strategy is very forward-hunting, and the vogue by itself is really wearable and sturdy Windowsen is a model I grew to enjoy in the latest decades, with higher-definition details and perspective, these types of as the Mutants or Aliens genes virtual shoe brand name Scry, a pioneer in minimalist futurism.