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The Best Maium Raincoats for Women

Along with a windproof umbrella and your favorite pair of rain boots, a great Rains regenjas will help you brave the elements and look good while doing it. It’s a must-own, whether you’re dealing with the occasional drizzly day or jumping on piles for half the year. Below, find the perfect women’s raincoats for every occasion and budget, from stylish minimalist coats to utilitarian ponchos.

What we are looking for.

Water resistance: To be 100 percent waterproof, a Maium regenjas must be made of an impermeable material such as vinyl, plastic or rubber. This style of raincoat is perfect for city trips, but not so much for hiking or other athletic activities. For those, we looked for lightweight and packable jackets treated with a durable water repellent (DWR) coating. Some of our favorites are also made from technical fabrics like Gore-Tex. A waterproof jacket will keep you dry in all but the most extreme conditions, and it will pack and breathe much better than a traditional rubber coat. For added protection against the elements, we also like raincoats that feature reinforced seams, elastic or Velcro wrist cuffs, and covered zippers.

Comfort: Since your raincoat should keep you comfortable and dry, we looked for options with lots of (preferably zippered) pockets, underarm ventilation, and adjustable hoods.

Weight and length: We found a range of coats, jackets, anoraks, and ponchos in different lengths and weights, from the best trench coats to three-layer Gore-Tex hard shells with storm-proof hoods. The Zwarte regenjas you choose will depend on its intended use: a mid-length, mid-weight jacket is ideal for sprinting between subway stations, but when hiking, you’ll probably want something lighter. Which protects your core?

Sutterheim Stockholm is worth the investment for anyone who travels regularly during the rainy season. It is made of cotton coated in a layer of synthetic rubber. When buttoned up, it will keep your clothes completely dry. This delightfully minimalist coat becomes part of your outfit, yet never distracts from the rest of it, thanks to its sleek lines and muted colors. “Scandinavian design will make you feel stylish, even in the pouring rain,” travel blogger and photographer Renee Hennel assures us. The rubber coating is easy to clean, and author and performer Jess Leticia says that even a dangerously bone-white track will retain its shine after several seasons. Go down a few sizes for a closer fit—the relative stiffness of the rubber doesn’t create a flattering baggy shape.