2 women shot in hair salon in Tompkinsville, Staten Island

Andrew M. Santos
TOMPKINSVILLE, Staten Island (WABC) — Two women were injured when bullets went flying into a beauty salon on Staten Island on Wednesday afternoon.

The incident was reported at 63 Victory Boulevard just before 4 p.m.

Police say the two victims were inside a hair salon when two hooded men in masks, captured on surveillance video, started shooting into the location from the street.

Video shows the suspects strolling up to the salon on Victory Boulevard on Staten Island just before 4pm.

One of them points inside, appearing to identify their target or targets. Then the second man, the gunman, fires off several rounds into the salon and keeps blasting away. They then take off sprinting.

A 17-year-old suffered a graze wound to the head and a 35-year-old was shot twice the buttocks.

Both women were taken to Richmond University Medical Center and were expected to survive.


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Images of women at Kabul beauty salon painted over as Taliban take the capital: Photo

Andrew M. Santos

Images of women outside a beauty salon in Kabul are being painted over following the Taliban’s capture of the Afghan presidential palace and capital, a photo released on Sunday showed.

The photo could represent the restrictions the Taliban are likely to enforce on the women of Afghanistan as many in the country fear retaliation from the group.


When the Taliban last controlled Afghanistan, women were forbidden from attending school or working. In addition, they had to wear face coverings and were punished if they failed to do so.

Now, women across Afghanistan fear the treatment that awaits them when the Taliban assume control.

Many expect to experience a near-complete loss of fundamental freedoms. For example, they might be unable to leave their homes without being accompanied by a male relative.

Women who worked as activists or politicians said they fear

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Photo shows posters of women at a Kabul beauty salon being painted over as the Taliban seized the city

Andrew M. Santos

Taliban fighters after seizing the Afghan presidential palace. AP Photo/Zabi Karimi

  • Images of women at a Kabul beauty salon were painted over on Sunday.

  • The Taliban seized the capital city on Sunday, cementing their takeover of Afghanistan.

  • The Taliban forced women to cover their faces, and banned them from schools when they last ruled Afghanistan.

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A photo shows images of women at a Kabul beauty salon being painted over as the Taliban took over the city.

The photo was shared by Lotfullah Najafizada, the head of the Afghan news outlet ToloNews TV, on Sunday:

The Taliban stormed Kabul on Sunday after taking over most of the rest of the country, and seized control of the presidential palace.

It put the terrorist group back in power 20 years after they were driven out by US-led forces.

There was no official confirmation as to

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Purchase Traditional Indian Clothes & Marriage Ceremony Attire For Women

Andrew M. Santos

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