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Providing all men and women worldwide one of the best of cosmetics, haircare and perfume by way of high quality, efficacy and security. Secara psikologis setiap wanita yang penampilannya menarik dan nyaman lebih memiliki percaya diri dibandingkan dengan wanita yang penampilannya tidak menarik. Rasa percaya diri mempengaruhi semangat dalam mengerjakan berbagai macam pekerjaan dan berakitivitas. Dulu aktivitas wanita hanya didalam rumah saja sehingga kebutuhan fashionnya tidak terlalu banyak dan apa adanya. Sedangkan wanita sekarang memiliki peranan yang penting dalam kehidupan keluarga maupun sosial.

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Valentine’s Day Ideas with Seven Seven Cosmetics

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Question of the Day – 2/8We close out a Monday with Tina’s Question of the Day: Name three things you would like on a sandwich! Just three? Everyone answers, and we send it off to the Drew Barrymore show! Thanks for watching today, see you tomorrow morning at 4:30!

The Big Chop! – Part 2Mi Helton from It’s My Hair Salon joins us again with the big reveal of The Big Chop! WOW! What an amazing transformation!

Cody and ESPN 1320’s Damien Barling Talk SportsLots of cool sports stuff over the weekend, including those red-hot Sacramento Kings! Damien Barling from ESPN 1320 joins Cody to talk about it!

The Big Chop! – Part 1Mi Helton from It’s My Hair Salon joins Courtney to show us how you can change up your look for the new year!

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Staycation Ideas by Zodiac Sign

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LBR: you need a vacation. Whomst among us does not feel completely burned out after almost a year of COVID-19 restrictions? Whether you’re already planning an international vacay with 30 of your closest friends or just daydreaming about seeing a movie in theaters again, you’re not alone. Of course, we can’t do either of those things just yet. But please consider: le staycation.

Whether you’re feeling COVID fatigue or you’re sick of, you know, living at home, working at home, and eating at home 24/7, here’s a way to shake it off and inject some F.U.N. into your cal. For best results, we recommend no email, no worrying, no cleaning, and no laundry. Find out the perf plans for your zodiac sign:

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Here are 15 Dr. Martens Outfit Ideas So You Can Stomp Around in Style

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Dr. Martens are indestructible shoes. They can withstand years of wear and tear, transition throughout the changing seasons, and survive ever-evolving fashion trends. Dr. Martens can also be dressed up or down, taking you from work to date night, to brunch, the park, concerts, and anywhere else. Whether you like to play up the nostalgic ’90s vibe or keep your wardrobe more modern, a classic pair of Docs will give any look a cool, statement-making finishing touch. In summary, Dr. Martens outfit possibilities are endless.

However, if you’re new to the chunky-soled shoes, working them into your wardrobe can be a little intimidating at first. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered—below, we’ve rounded up 15 ideas for what to wear with Dr. Martens. You can let your shoes do all the talking by wearing minimal, understated clothes, or make

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