Columbus beauty salon hosts pop-up vaccination clinic in partnership with White House COVID-19 response team

Andrew M. Santos

Columbus Ga. (WRBL) – A White House initiative has vaccination sites popping up at barbershops and beauty salons.

“Everybody who’s ever been to a barbershop or a beauty salon knows you get fact checked in a barbershop and beauty salon,” says Cameron Webb, Senior Policy Advisor to the White House for equity on the COVID-19 response team.

“Part of what we’ve done through this initiative is you know all of the barbers and stylists they’ve gone through training to learn more about the virus and the vaccine how it works and what some of the myths are,” says Webb.

He went on to say, “So they’re ready to have that conversation. They’re ready to encourage people to go a little bit beyond what they’re seeing on social media. Or kinda the myths that are in they’re community to

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Editorial: We have to end the misplaced fight over where COVID-19 spreads, and shift our energy toward how to mitigate it | Editorial

Andrew M. Santos

Tucked in the May 8, 2020, edition of its Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) gave us a strong framework of the forces shaping the early spread of the coronavirus.

“Various factors contributed to accelerated spread during February-March 2020, including continued travel-associated importations, large gatherings, introductions into high-risk workplaces and densely populated areas, and cryptic transmission resulting from limited testing and asymptomatic and presymptomatic spread,” the document said.

Let’s unpack that a bit. “Travel-associated importations” could mean trips via plane, train or bus. “Large gatherings” could refer to sporting events, weddings or graduation ceremonies. “Introductions into high-risk workplaces and densely populated areas” could be a number of things, from visiting nursing homes to walking in a crowded tourism district. And most importantly, “cryptic transmission” still is a reality, most recently redefined by new questions about how the vaccinated can spread the virus

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Salon boss tells staff to remove masks to shout out slogans, caused 65 people contract Covid-19 later

Andrew M. Santos

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Vietnam — A beauty salon director’s attempt in getting his team fired up with motivational quotes resulted in 65 people getting infected with Covid-19.


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During a company briefing in May, the boss had his employees shout company slogans and business goals with their masks off, reported The Smart Local on Jun 22.

Amida Beauty Salon director, 29-year-old Nguyen Quang Trong, had called for a team meeting on May 2, with over 30 team members attending.

The salon is located in Da Nang, a coastal city in central Vietnam, which saw multiple Covid-19 outbreaks in Apr 2021. As a result, local authorities prohibited large gatherings in public areas to curb community transmissions.

“How can you shout slogans with masks on?” said Mr Nguyen, as reported by Vietnamese paper Thanh Nien.

To address their director’s displeasure, the staff members pulled their masks off and began shouting

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New push to start conversations about COVID-19 vaccine in barbershops and beauty salons

Andrew M. Santos

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) – A new push to get as many people vaccinated against COVID-19 before  July 4.

It’s called the Shots at the Shop Initiative.

The Shots at the Shop initiative collaborates with the Black Coalition Against COVID, SheaMoisture, the University of Maryland Center for Health Equity, and the Biden Administration to increase COVID-19 vaccine awareness and education and engagement.

Up to 1,000 barbershops and beauty salons across the country will receive a $1,000.00 grant from SheaMoisture to participate in the initiative.

Here are the rules: :

  1. Attend a short, four-hour course with Dr. Stephen Thomas of the University of Maryland Center for Health Equity to learn more about COVID-19, vaccinations, and the role barbershops and beauty salons have historically played in communities to increase health and well-being.
  2. Have materials about COVID-19 and the vaccinations available within your shop.
  3. Talk to your customers about COVID-19 vaccines. We’re not asking
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