12/06/2024 2:19 PM


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Socks With Sandals: How to Wear the Divisive Trend in 2021

If there was ever a time to channel your high school science teacher who proudly sported socks with sandals as an everyday uniform, it’s now. From Fendi to Ferragamo, luxury brands have signaled that the former fashion faux pas is back and better, and comfort-first quarantine style has welcomed the divisive trend with open arms. These days a look you likely reserved for a quick mailbox run is considered a go-to staple, blending in with a newfound aesthetic that makes sense when another historical moment happens every five minutes.

When the pandemic hit, life as we knew it came to a screeching halt, and constrictive footwear was swiftly pushed to the back of the closet. “Office appropriate” fled from our vocabulary, and plush socks were embraced as mini security blankets at a time that was anything but stable. Heels and jeans took a backseat, slippers and sweatpants became our best friends, and Birkenstocks and Uggs reemerged when we needed them most. 

We’d venture to say this snuggly sense of style will stick around even when masks are a thing of the past. (P.S. You should probably be wearing two of those right now.)

Rihanna leading the charge on the cozy combo


True to form, Rihanna has marched to the beat of her own drum by rocking the “forbidden” pairing long before the pandemic (queen shit), and we’ve all taken the bait since. Everyone from Sophie Turner to Kendall Jenner has jumped on the relaxed look your granola-loving uncle would definitely approve of. Whether you’re preparing for spring with some strappy platforms and sheer decorative socks, or are sticking to shearling and wool for the foreseeable future, there’s a chic way to lean into the divisive duo.

Kendall Jenner went (almost) all black while out with Hailey Bieber.


So clear off some space on your shoe rack, make room in your sock drawer, and shop seven combinations of socks with sandals worth adding to cart right now.

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