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OBRATORI supports the Californian startup PAPER COSMETICS

Paper Cosmetics is a sustainable, sleek designed brand, ready for mass market adoption and DTC growth. The US start-up led by Daniel Roescheisen offers a range of zero waste deodorants targeted at customers who value clean, environmentally friendly and above all effective products!

OBRATORI works alongside young entrepreneurs to create responsible products that have the wellbeing of humankind as a goal.

Cristina Carlino states that the strong brand message, product efficacy, sleek design and growth potential are the main reasons for her investment decision.

Amaury Godron, co-Managing Director of OBRATORI: “We support innovative projects, which demonstrates our strong belief in sustainable and innovative solutions. OBRATORI supports entrepreneurship with the same values as put forward by L’OCCITANE Group. Creators of innovative products forge a bond of trust between cosmetics manufacturers and end consumers.”

Daniel Roescheisen says: “We are excited and humbled to become partners with such a strong investment team. It means a lot that OBRATORI and Cristina Carlino believe in us and the future of the brand. It also clearly shows the direction our bathrooms of the future will go where single-use plastics have no future. We are pushing for change in a fun way with products that work for us and our future.”

Headquartered in Marseille, OBRATORI will join the strategic development committee of Paper Cosmetics. “We help young companies with proven effectiveness and viability for their solutions,” says Ingo Dauer, co-Managing Director of OBRATORI. “For OBRATORI, this is the first foreign startup investment. Pushing for more sustainable consumption and ensuring products of quality are obvious to us. PAPER COSMETICS is answering a clear customer demand”.

About OBRATORI – L’OCCITANE Innovation Lab

OBRATORI is the VC fund and accelerator of L’OCCITANE Group. The fund supports ambitious projects with a mission to invest in a minority stake, in early-stage startups and to support them in their creation of value.

About Paper Cosmetics

Paper Cosmetics is the new sustainable Deodorant brand that leads the charge to clean up your bathroom. Developed over two years, each deodorant is made from all natural, safe and clean ingredients in eco-friendly paper packing. 

Contact: Julie Geret[email protected]. Kim Eberle, [email protected]  

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