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Movie Review – The Ugly Truth (2009)

Movie Review – The Ugly Truth (2009)

If you want to see a dirty version of When in Rome, watch The Ugly Truth. It is your typical romance set in the world of shock news casting? Maybe I’m really out of it, but come on. How ridiculous is this?

The acting was fine, and the story was okay, too. But, surely for just the shock value, the continual explicit sexual punch lines left this movie trite and quite common place.

This movie could have been a lot better if they would have worked on the plot more – but, even with that said – I did watch the entire movie. So it does have some redeeming value to it, though not much.

Maybe I’m just a little too jaded to enjoy romantic movies anymore. I’m probably the guy, at any rate, who had given up on dating and relationships. Wait a minute, I AM the guy. As much as this movie tries, in a really awkward way, to claim there is that “one” person out there for everyone or that relationships do work, it left me bored about half way through, wanting something different. When in Rome, I thought, had much more plot, even though it was not at all original. The Ugly Truth is, actually, not ugly – its just unoriginal.

I would not recommend this movie, even though it was well filmed and has talented acting in it. It’s just way too typical, looking for cheap laughs, simply because the writing isn’t able to carry it over. Run. Run.