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Living With Your Psychic Gifts

Living With Your Psychic Gifts

You will be what is termed in the psychic world as a ‘sensitive’. Those who are deemed a sensitive are people who are naturally more sensitive to the energy, moods and feelings of people, more so than your average person. You will perhaps know when someone is in a bad mood and they haven’t said a word, or you know who is on the phone before you’ve picked up the receiver. Perhaps you have had experiences of seeing those who have passed on into life on the ‘otherside’ or seen things out of the corner of your eye!

Some people find their psychic gifts disturbing, something that frightens them – especially when perhaps they find themselves able to predict events in the future or can ‘feel’ when someone is going to die. The way to handle these gifts is not to hide from them, but to embrace and understand the psychic world; this will then help you to control your experiences and to not be afraid of what you are intuitively aware of.

An energy field out of control, or indeed new to the environment of psychic gifts, psychic medium abilities, and clairvoyant skills, will, for instance, ‘pop’ light bulbs and other electrical appliances. This is because the increase in psychic activity within the auric field, creates an energy pocket that disrupts some electrical goods. The way to stop this happening is to develop your abilities. All will then calm down to a manageable place and you will begin to enjoy your increase in sixth sensory skills. Your psychic gifts will when embraced, enable you to understand your inner nature and what’s important to you.

Overall, developing your psychic gifts, will allow you to manage and cope with life, allowing you to live every day to the full.

Heidi Sawyer