15/06/2024 1:18 PM


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Cheap Online Stores: Are They Legit?

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We are always after better deals when shopping online, we scour the net for an affordable price. But at times we stumble upon a price tag so low, we wonder, is this store even legit? Well, we are here to answer that lifelong question you might have pondered! Read this article if you want to know, cheap online stores; are they legit?

So first of all, most of the shopping has gone online and it has its own set of perks. But you have to be careful buying clothing online on websites that you are unsure of. In that regard, there is a way you can be sure that the place you are buying from isn’t a fraudulent site.

The best way is to check out the clothing reviews from a credible source like US Reviews. They are one of the leading review sites and can be used to know whether an online clothing store is real or a fraud.

So what is the deal with cheap online stores in the first place? How can they be selling quality goods at such a low price tag? There are a few factors why cheap online stores sell goods at such low rates. Let us explore them briefly below:

1. Mass Produced

So whenever you get something printed or made, the more pieces you get printed or made the cheaper the rates become. Usually, people think it is a discount because they are bringing in more business to the shop. But that is not the case.

When a product is mass-produced, the cost per piece reduces significantly. Whether it is a clothing article or any other product, mass production saves time because this process is usually automatic.

This also saves resources for them too, that is why they are able to give a better price than most people.

2. Not a Big Brand

If big brands started selling their products at the cost that their piece is manufactured, things would be very cheap throughout the world. Most brands charge extra because they represent quality.

Of course, with a big name also comes the assurance that anything goes wrong they will fix it for you. But being a brand, they can’t afford any mistakes in the first place. So they double-check every piece and they all go through quality control before hitting the market.

That is why big brands can charge the prices they do. While cheaper stores are not a big brand, they have fewer mouths to feed, their products don’t go through the kind of quality control as big brands. But that does not mean that their quality is bad or anything, it’s just that there is a small chance something might be defective. 

3. Sourced Internationally

Labor charges are also a factor in why things are priced the way they are. Each piece has labor costs associated with it. So if you source your clothing products from a country that has a cheap workforce, you don’t have to charge so much.

So this can also factor in as to why cheap stores are legit.

4. Clearance Sales

Some online stores have clearance sales, they usually have products that were not sold off in the previous season. Instead of throwing them away, they sell them at the cost the product was made to at least get back their money.

Final Thoughts

With what is mentioned above, it is at least clear that cheap stores can be legit. It is not always a scam and fraud, sometimes some factors weigh in their prices. These factors can be either of the above or all of the above at the same time to make the price as cheap as possible.