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Beauty salon that told customers coronavirus ‘doesn’t exist’ to be visited by police

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A beauty salon that reportedly told customers coronavirus does not exist is being looked into by the police.

Skin Kerr salon in Bootle had put posters up outside that read “you can’t catch what doesn’t exist” and told visitors staff would not be wearing masks, according to pictures shared on social media.

According to a picture of the sign obtained by the BBC, it described the salon as “Covid free” and said: “No masks, we take cash, Covid talk is banned” and added hashtags #voodoovirusisbullshit and #wedonotconsent.

The salon is said to have expressed the same statements on its social media feeds – which have now been made private.

The posters and the social media posts have been taken down and Sefton Council has said it is looking into how the salon has responded to Covid-19.

“Our Environmental Health team will be visiting a Bootle beauty salon claiming it is flouting required coronavirus safety regulations, to ensure that the measures to protect the business’s customers and employees from the virus are in place,” the council said in a statement.

The statement adds: “The poster also denies the existence of Covid-19, which has been the cause of death for over 1,000 people in Merseyside hospitals, and bans mention of the pandemic.”

Graeme Robson, Sefton Community Policing Superintendent, added: “My officers will be visiting the salon to speak to the staff and manager and reminding them of their continued responsibilities around Covid-19 and the safety and wellbeing of their staff and customers.

“We continue to remind the public and our local businesses that they should be continuing to follow the current Government guidance around social distancing, face coverings and test and trace.”

Cabinet member Councillor Paulette Lappin described the salon’s posters and social media posts as “disappointing”.

“If the situation cannot be resolved satisfactorily during this meeting, and we are not satisfied that measures to keep customers and staff safe are in place, we will consider taking formal enforcement action,” she said.

As of Monday, it will be illegal for social gatherings to take place in groups of more than six in England amid the rise in coronavirus cases.

It is also compulsory to wear a mask in many public places, including public transport, supermarkets and libraries.

The Independent has not been able to contact Skin Kerr for comment.

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