03/03/2024 3:29 AM


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A tour inside the first ‘covid-secure’ beauty salon, for when they eventually open

cecily day spa covid 19 - Love Samantha Photography
cecily day spa covid 19 – Love Samantha Photography

In Boris Johnson’s last update on how the UK will continue to ease out of lockdown, beauty salons will remain closed until further easing of the lockdown. While we’ve long speculated what the ‘new normal’ might look like when we’re allowed to visit beauty salons again: beauticians and nail technicians will likely have to wear even more PPE than before, and as customers, we might, too. 

In these exclusive pictures, we can reveal exactly how different beauty salons will look like when they reopen. Cecily Day Spa in Berkhamsted closed back in March to abide by UK lockdown regulations, but is well prepared for its opening in the coming weeks hopefully. 

The salon offers everything from eyebrow threading and pedicures, to facials and body treatments, so felt it was vital that on re-opening, it would have one full time cleaner dedicated to maintaining strict sanitation standards. After each appointment, the cleaner will disinfect the station and ensure it’s safe for the next customer, while the beautician will replace their PPE masks, gloves and visors with new sets.

cecily day spa - Love Samantha Photography
cecily day spa – Love Samantha Photography

Prior to receiving any treatment, clients will be required to undertake an online consultation which will serve as a declaration of  no covid symptoms and will guarantee you’ll be given an appointment. On arrival to the spa, customers will have their temperature taken in case anything has changed since an appointment was confirmed, and using the spa’s provided hand sanitiser will be a requirement before entering. 

You’ll note the newly erected perspex screens which are perhaps the most dramatic change from the salons we were accustomed to. ‘Divider sneeze screens’ will be placed on manicure tables between the therapist and the client, while clients will also be provided with face masks which are a new requirement from the spa. 

To maintain social distancing, stickers with clear signage will be on the floor, indicating where to stand and how to find bathrooms etc, to avoid clients wandering or getting too close to staff. Staggering appointment times so that customers don’t arrive at the same time, and not allowing magazines, phone chargers, drinks in glasses and lunch once inside will also ensure staff and customers are being kept as safe as possible. ​

cecily day spa - Love Samantha Photography
cecily day spa – Love Samantha Photography

‘We wanted to trial our safety measures before opening our doors to ensure the safety of our staff and customers as best as we possibly can,’ says founder of the group that owns Cecily Day Spa, Haylee Benton. Abiding by social distancing rules means its salon will lose 300 appointment slots a week, but thanks to planning ahead, they’re hoping to avoid having to put their prices up and continue their affordable luxury offering that customers are keen to get back to. 

‘We’re taking pre-bookings now and sharing all safety measures with customers now so that they know what to expect,’ says Benton. 

Four things that are set to be completely different in beauty salons

No more chit chat

While a casual chat or gossip with your nail tech was previously de rigeur, masks and perspex screens are set to act as a barrier between you. By ensuring your arrival and departure is as smooth, safe and speedy as possible will also decrease chatting time. 

cecily day spa - Love Samantha Photography
cecily day spa – Love Samantha Photography

No walk ins

Prior to Covid-19, if you were out and about shopping and decided to treat yourself to a nail appointment or facial, walk-ins were accepted almost anywhere. Going forward, salons will operate an appointment-only policy to control numbers. 

No cash payments

Customers will have to pay for treatments using contactless methods to ensure contact between people is kept to a minimum. This’ll likely take place before treatment, too. 

cecily day spa - Love Samantha Photography
cecily day spa – Love Samantha Photography

Less availability

Previously rows of nail stations would sit side by side in any salon, and customers would be seen one after the other, with every station full. Post-Covid-19, stations will be spaced out, so less customers can be seen, which means less appointment availability overall.