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Providing all ladies and men worldwide the best of cosmetics, haircare and perfume by way of high quality, efficacy and safety. Time to Netflix and chill with bae? We have you lined. Our casual women’s pants sets are still booty grabbing and tremendous cute despite the fact that they’re so cozy you might need to purchase two pairs in every fashion. Pink off-the-shoulder tops with long pants in sweater materials are great for lounging by the fireplace, and two-piece stretch legging and prime units are the proper alternative for a rainy day. Simply throw on a pair of slides , and also you might as nicely fireplace up your food supply app proper now. Our ribbed pants units function an outsized turtleneck with a crop minimize that are ideal for staying in to cuddle.

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From the farm: Shopping for cows

Andrew M. Santos

Published: 6/11/2022 1:56:51 PM

Modified: 6/11/2022 1:54:33 PM

In March, Kevin Cole from Pittsfield called because he was selling his entire herd of Scottish Highlanders to make room for more Belted Galloways. He asked, “Did I want to buy them?” Did I need 24 more bovines?

This spring, my herd was down to 23, the perfect size. Why would I want more cattle? But just like a clearance sale at J.C. Penny’s, I can never resist a bargain, and because Kevin lived nearby in Pittsfield, picking them up would be convenient.

My answer was, “Why not?”

There are three reasons to buy cattle in the spring; grass, grass, and more grass. Instead of feeding expensive hay, the cattle can feast on lush, green grass. And then there are the calves.

Who doesn’t want to see furry little calves chasing each other in a calf game of tag? I do. Besides,

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All the fashion launches to keep your shopping carts full this month

Andrew M. Santos

Image Courtesy: Nappa Dori

The signature utilitarian quality of Nappa Dori’s ephemera of luggage, stationery, and just the odd bits and bobs have racked up a cult following, so when flying into the burgeoning luxury hub of Dubai, make a new pit stop while on your shopping excursion. True to the Nappa Dori brand of harnessing that raw and organic vibe as a symbol of style, the new store imbibes the elements from the warehouse-themed space in Dhan Mill, Delhi. The multi-experiential warehouse brings together the retail section along with a cafe, and a space to host your next celebratory moment with a big group. But the star of the show is the intricate interior details that add to the appeal. The brand has incorporated decorative antiques, hand-painted signage, and Harry Potter audiobooks in the restrooms. Part of this new expansion for the brand into the glitzy stomping grounds of

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