Groceries, ice cream bowls and beauty salons

Andrew M. Santos

Today, 711 E. Mulberry St. still stands proudly. Built almost 100 years ago, it has served and continues to serve its neighborhood faithfully. Chester Guy Armstrong is the man to thank for its establishment.

C. Guy Armstrong was born in Hocking County in 1892, to George Judson and Laura Armstrong. C. Guy married Hazel Heffner in 1912 and their son Raymond was born in 1915.

C. Guy worked as a truckman for the Pennsylvania Railroad until he purchased the grocery stock of Edward Baus at the corner of Maple and Walnut Streets. He took charge of the grocery (15 March 1919 Daily Eagle) and launched his career as a grocer.

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Hazel Armstrong (1893-1920) died at 27 years of age. C. Guy married Margaret Shonting in 1921, and purchased the house on the NE corner of Madison and Mulberry Streets, 300 Madison,

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